As far as I know, it was the mayor of Bloominton that had two port-o-lets installed at the Peoples Park in Bloomington, Indiana.  If so, Thank you Mark Kruzan.  After complaints from the seem to be leader of Occupy Bloomington, and the bicycle shop next door about urinating and defacating on the fence, claiming that it was the homeless.

The homeless living in the park are still just seperated from any of the movement.  Even I have no idea what the local protesters issues may be.  They hold their meetings in confined spaces. If they were at all interested in telling people about anything at all they can get an 80 seat auditorium at the library by just being a non-profit, several days a week,  It also seems to do the minimum to just say “Look at us” with no real audiences. 

Students from IU tried to own the movement and get money from IU, but IU shot down that idea.  With the billions of dollars that come into this economy every year, the trickle down has 50% of the population receiving some type of assistance.  While there are trees growing between the street and the sidewalks in some places, The few times that you see city equipment doing anything is around the university.  The city streets are never cleaned in most areas.  Who is doing the job?  And if not, why not?


It seems like people at Occupy Bloomington, just aren’t very interested in hearing issues.  The most severest of issues are just pretty much ignored simply because the ones that experience them are shunned.  The homeless in Peoples park are ignored completely.  They are even bringing in their own food.  I have been contributing $20 every payday, but now it seems like I am going to give $20 to each group. 

Bloomington, when it comes to the actual residents, is the third poorest cities of its size.  Estimates are that 50% receive some type of assistance.  All the business’s that cater to the college have guest worker’s doing the job that belongs to the people of Bloomington.  The city doesn’t do any of the work that benefits its citizens, meaning those jobs are gone too.  While the streets of the college are mostly clean, the city streets have trees growing between the curb and street.  It is not because once in a while you can see the cities streetcleaner driving through the campus, it is because they have not hired anyone to do the work. 

Which all of a sudden comes to mind:  Who are this cities ghost employees?  People who get checks and yet do absolutely nothing.  People who very much want to keep that going.  With a local election comming tomorow, these are the things that should have been asked. Was Occupy a deception to take your mind off of that?

There are thousands of reasons for the ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ people to be out there.  They just don’t seem to be educated in the oratory business.  You know, the people that are paid to speak well.  Even then they aren’t very good at it.  Look at them as story tellers, each trying to out do another, but wanting to be paid well. 

One grand reason that they have for being out there is over the utility companies.  For the last thirty years they have been getting price increase after price increase and claiming that it was to rebuild the infrastructure. I would guess that trillions of dollars a year is taken in for that reason.  The president offered a $450billion jobs bill,paid for with tax money, but it was declined by the senate.  If the Democratic party had done the right thing, they would compel those companies to start paying for it.

They have lobotomised millions of Americans (including infant children) through depression medication.  When you are on your last leg, of course you trust the government in which you are a part of? 

The healthcare for workers didn’t get too expensive, it was redistributed to the share holders.  Right along with safety issues, and any basic rights for workers just gone.  For a little more security, they used illegal aliens. Not to enrich them, but to drain the Other half of the Americans.

Even though this is specifically for the auto type industry, there are ways to apply it to many different things, like powering your entire house or anything that uses electricity.  The powers that be have known about this for a very long time but couldn’t bring themselves to allow you not to spend money.

In this particular idea you would of course need something as complicated as a wheel offJACKSON 6 Cu. Ft. Heavy-Duty Steel Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires of a wheelbarrow.  Doesn’t really have to be from a wheelbarrow, but the junkyard mechanics would find it an easy access.  The next thing of course would be a gernerator/alternator, which could easily be found in any auto scrapyard, and then a battery.

The most ideal would be for the auto industry to make it a drop down wheel from the auto itself.  But we know that is not gonna happen.  The second and most practical approach is to have it attach to the trunk of your car, like a bicycle rack.  This would especially go well with the all electric cars that you have to take home and plug in and buy electric.  You could actually just plug in your car and keep on going.

The wheel would turn as you moved generating electricity, and be stored in batteries.  Now in speaking to an engineer from the auto industry, he tells me that the auto makers don’t do that because there is too much resistance generating the electric.  A liar of course.  Anyone can take a generator/alternator and spin it with your fingertips.  There is no more resistance than driving with your windows down.

Batteries for home use can even be recharged while riding you bicycle.

While everyone is excited about the new jobs deal that our not so loved president is coming up with, It would be the people who have been on this earth a little longer than most who know what is happening.  These new job creating gimmicks have been in existence since I was a baby.  If you went into your local homeless shelter and looked on the jobs board, you would find a notice that if you are on food stamps, or have recently been released from prison, sign up for this program.

This has been going on forever.  They give tax breaks to business’s that hire these people.  It was president Bush that stopped that from happening on his watch, and why?  He didn’t want the American people to look very close at what he and his boys were doing.  Millions over millions have been slaughtered around the world, and we had to worry about the pettiness of our own comfortable existence.

The things that they are doing have been planned long ago, and now is nothing but the theatrics that makes you believe that you have something to do with it.  There will be no job creation, only the jobs that were given to the illegal aliens will be returned to the US citizens.  And yes, where will the illegal workers go?

While the Bloomingtons battered woman’s shelter is desperately seeking money to help pay for it’s $6 million restoration, and two farce job creation ideas, they have always had the answer to their problems.  Why they chose not to use them is beyond me.  It could have been flat out laziness, or complete ignorance.  I choose to beleive they just did not want anyone to get ahead without them making a bundle off of the project. 

Just to have a battered woman’s shelter in Bloomington, and

Abused woman

then refusing services to most of the woman from Bloomington, just seems mind boggling itself.  They also own a very large and beautiful house just on the edge of downtown Bloomington.  This house has been for sale for quite a few months, and had they decided to use it for anything that draws revenue, they would not be in the bind that they are in.  How?  They could have rented sleeping space to people coming into the workforce and even called it affordable housing.   They did not.  They could have used it as an International Hostel, and served a different people, and paid their bills.  They did not.

The last appeal that I read in the Herald Times in Bloomington was that if they did not get their funding, hundreds of children will die.  Not only are these people incompetant managers, they seem to be halucinating.

The homeless population is now increasing as ever more students are added to the rolls at the Indiana University campus, Bloomington.  In the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, the campus and the city got along great, and it really was an Ivy League campus.  Neither one stepped on the others toes until recently.  Now the university is just selling seats to whomever can afford the tuition. 

Since I now drive a cab in Bloomington, i meet a lot of the students, and people constantly ask me if I have met any interesting people.  Well, I had been on the night shift for a while, and my answer is always the same.  No.  There is nothing interesting about slobbering drunks, and have yet to meet one student that could be considered Ivy League. 

They came here and sucked up all the jobs, and left absolutely nothing for the locals.  The bars here have gotten super greedy, and will serve anyone that has the money to get a drink without worrying about any penalties whatsoever.  Even the housing won’t rent to locals, because they can’t afford the absorbitant rent that has to be paid.  What did you say, rent it in the summer when the students are gone.  Very few will rent to a local in the summer because they will have a legal fight and lose when they want to rent to students.

The city itself is suffering from neglect as our mayor is only paying attention to what the college wants him to do. Need an example?  Go to any neighborhood and watch the grass grow between the curbs of the streets and the asphalt.  In some places trees are growing there.  And the city has street cleaning vehicles.  These are jobs that they are not filling.  Why?

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